Automated Pre-Employment Screening Solutions That Work


Protect your brand’s reputation and the future of your business by making sure that you’re only hiring
exceptional employees.

Screening and hiring processes can take up a lot of time, time your HR team could be using more efficiently.
ApplicantSafe’s automated hiring solutions can be used across any industry and because no business has the same HR requirements, we will develop a custom solution specifically for your organization.

Recruitment Solutions per Industry


With healthcare being one of the most regulated industries, having accurate screening processes in place is a must.

ApplicantSafe works with hospitals, nursing homes, and various other healthcare facilities by assisting them with customized automated screening solutions that help identify the best possible employees for their facilities. Protect your medical facility as well as your patients by verifying employee qualifications and experience and making sure that they’re competent enough to care for the people who walk through your doors.


Stringent hiring processes are a primary requirement for all manufacturing businesses if they want to maintain a safe working environment, reduce turnover, and protect their businesses. Accurate pre-employment screening processes will ensure that any potential employees are qualified to work in a sometimes challenging environment.

From drivers and machine operators to employees who handle toxic chemicals, you have a responsibility to only hire highly-qualified and competent staff to protect your employees and your business.


Without accurate and reliable screening solutions, recruitment agencies aren’t able to provide their customers with efficient feedback on potential job candidates. Your agency’s reputation depends on the candidates you are recommending to your customers, which is why it’s essential to have the right tools.

Maintain strong relationships with your clients by verifying employee credentials, experience, and competency according to specific guidelines. Our automated solutions help recruitment organizations meet federal, state, and local compliance regulations.


When your clients rely on you to provide efficient and safe service in a timely manner, you need to know that you are working with a reliable team. Whether you’re working with trucks, buses or airplanes, maintaining compliance is crucial to your success as a transportation company.

Safe, responsible transportation requires qualified and competent staff that can get the job done right. Protect your business, clients and passengers by having the right hiring tools.


When you’re hiring teachers, childcare providers and other school employees, screening should be an integral part of your hiring processes and procedures. Not only do learning institutions need to

prioritize the safety of their students but you also want to ensure a high standard of education in the classroom.

By opting to thoroughly check the backgrounds of all potential school employees, you’ll boost your school’s reputation and offer learners and parents greater peace of mind.

Financial & Insurance

The financial and insurance sector’s complex regulations mean rigorous and accurate hiring processes need to be a top priority for all businesses in these industries. Your clients are relying on you to safeguard their assets so hiring the right people for your organization could mean the difference between being seen as a trustworthy and successful organization or ruining your business’s reputation completely.

ApplicantSafe’s custom automated pre-employment screening solutions help reduce turnover, prevent fraud and make the hiring process a lot quicker and more accurate.


Organizations that work with sensitive issues such as the elderly, children and animals need trustworthy employees to help grow their brands. It’s your responsibility to protect the people and causes that you’re trying to help, which is why it pays to carefully screen all potential employees and volunteers.

Not only will our automated screening and hiring solutions allow you to verify volunteer qualifications but working with reputable people will also keep your organization’s reputation intact

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